I am (still) mostly Mom these days. With two boys still in their elementary years that are teenagers, that is where my heart swarms time goes.  I am also Wife. We’ve been married long enough to be almost ‘seasoned’. Almost. And I am a Pastor student (again). As I sat in my office the other day my eyes caught a quick glance on the title plate on the door. “Pastor”. I laughed at myself. The distance that has now come between what I used to invest my time and heart into and what occupies my days now  the longing to hold that title and the near taking for granted the title – even a complaint some days – reminds me that God still is the One who unfolds the universe in His Favor, regardless of my contribution to it.

Some things never change. God never changes.

My, How the Time Flies.


One thought on “About”

  1. Was just searching for a friend from the 70’s in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, and wondered if you might be THE Jayne Wilcox I remember?

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My, How the Time Flies.

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