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Trust’s Fodder

A New Way of Struggling

To struggle used to be
To grab with both hands

and shake
and twist
and turn
and push
and shove and not give in

But wrest an answer from it all
As Jacob did a blessing.

But there is another way
To struggle with an issue, a question –
Simply to jump


into the abyss
and find ourselves
being led

slowly and gently

but surely

to the answers God has for us –
to watch the answers unfold
before our eyes and still
to be a part of the unfolding.

But, oh! the trust
necessary for this new way!
Not to be always reaching out
For the old hand-holds.

– Susan W. N. Ruach


Tuesdays are Family Library Night

We’ve been consumed over the last 6 months with making preparations for a ReLaunch of our church. Every Saturday, early morning through the dinner hour, we offered our time to Making Preparations.

We are done. The space is beautiful. The ReLaunch a success. But it is Time to give back to the parts of our lives that have been lost to the Goals. Our boys and what we’ve taken from their 7th and 10th year ¬†of life. My Life and what has been on loan from my 40th year.

So, we started with the little things… Family Library Night.

Eight books, and two DVDs later, we called it our Family Time. Not a bad way to Redeem the Time.